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Students of S!MVO

What is the Students of S!MVO Program?

The Students of S!MVO program is a 1 term educational program that will select 15-20 student applicants to develop and implement multiple S!MVO projects that focus on improving some aspect of McGill. Students will be split into dedicated project groups whilst being guided, trained and mentored throughout the semester. The projects available for this winter range from electronic financial modeling, to building a group study finder app, to writing and publishing an academic paper.

Who Is The Program Suited for?

The Students of S!MVO program is McGill’s ideal opportunity to earn invaluable experience and develop a unique mindset critical for students wishing: To become valuable future employees with unique corporate and interpersonal skills Or especially Those wishing to become future entrepreneurs with their own idea Join a large group of motivated like-minded individuals, develop and share your experiences, and make an impact on your peers by enrolling in our Students of S!MVO program. If you are selected, you along with your team will be taking on one the following S!MVO projects:

What We Offer

Self Development

Special guest talks, team networking events, and lessons in psychology will shift your mindset and mentality about your life goals and ambitions. You will also develop key employability skills through completing and implementing your project for your peers to enjoy.


Few things are better than the joy of seeing your work come to life and impact the people and students around you.


Join a network of like minded students; enjoy weekly talks on entrepreneurship, key mentalities, and personal psychology; attend networking events; build friendships on your retreat to Mt. Tremblant. It is just like you are working for a company.

Apply Today!

Deadline is Wednesday, January 25th, 2017


What is S!MVO?

S!MVO is short for Simvolus, the greek word for “advisor”. It is the name behind our Interactive Degree Advising platform that you can access here if you are a McGill Engineer. S!MVO’s identity goes beyond just degree planning and extends towards the entirety of university life. The student body is McGill’s most valuable asset when it comes to improving this institution, as a result the Students of S!MVO program was deployed. With respect to this, S!MVO is an opportunity to develop unique hands-on experience, a gateway to a wider network and brighter career after graduation, your way into a talented, motivated, and truly unique group of people, the strategic choice to turn your vision into reality, a place to work hard, have fun, and learn more about yourself, all while making an impact on your peers and improving your university. So S!MVO is many things, but where is the fun in revealing it all? Apply now to find out more about us and our projects, or ask a Student of S!MVO when you see one. They can be spotted wearing our red/yellow/green striped hoodies around campus.